Q: What is your return policy
We offer cancellations (if your order has not already shipped) and returns (within 10 days of receiving your order). Exceptions include apparel and items listed as ‘Limited Event’. Please see our return policy page for more details.
Q: Will there be combined shipping?
Yes. Combined shipping is calculated at checkout.

Q: How is shipping calculated?
Shipping is calculated based off the combined weight of your order. Please see our shipping page for more details.
Q: I'm from overseas! Can you ship here?
For International orders please purchase from our Etsy shop.

Q: Do you also have and Etsy Shop?
Yes. We list a portion of stock on our Etsy shop to help gain some visibility for our products. The prices on our Etsy tend to be higher because of the additional seller fees that they charge. Check out our Etsy shop!

Q: What is a Limited Pre-Sale?
Our limited pre-sales are typically used for printed apparel items that have size options. Small amounts of blank stock have been ordered and your pre-order will determine what design is printed on what sized garment. Limited pre-sale items will be shipped at the date listed in the item description. More stock will be added depending on demand. Overall, this process helps our shop reduce unnecessary waste.
Q: What is a Pre-Sale?
Pre-sales help fund a specific product’s production and are used to determine if the product even gets made at all. Orders are taken in advance (for an allotted period of time) and will determine the quantity of stock we order from our manufacturers. Pre-orders may be canceled and fully refunded if not enough interest is generated. If the product generates enough interest orders will be shipped at the date listed in the item description. **PLEASE NOTE** the estimated ship date in the item description, depending on the item, it could take several months until you receive your order. If you purchase in-stock items and pre-sale items in the same order all items will be shipped when all the pre-order items in your order are available. If the pre-sale product doesn’t end up getting made you will be refunded for that individual item and your other items will be shipped ASAP.
Q: Do you have rewards program?
Not yet, but we are working on it! We do post discount codes periodically on our Instagram and Twitter!
Q: Is the Ugh Kpop Shop Sustainable?
We are always looking for new and innovative ways to cut our waste and emissions as a shop. Please see our sustainability page for more details on what we’re doing currently.