About Us

Josie and Lori are just two girls talking aboutKpop. Their friends got tired of them so they made a YouTube channel... and now a shop!


Q) How did you get into Kpop? Check out this video!

Q) Who is your bias? (BTS, SVT, ATEEZ & EVERGLOW) Check out this video!

Q) What is your ult group? We are 100% multi-stans! There are so many amazing groups out there it would be a crime to limit ourselves to just one (though we always make a point to talk about BTS, SVT, ATEEZ & EVERGLOW when they have comebacks).

Meaning Behind the Name:

Ugh Kpop

Legend has it that in “the real world” Kpop stans don’t have the best reputation. And as two twenty-something-year-old fans, we have definitely experienced the shame of loving something that many find childish or obnoxious. Nevertheless, as our love for the genre grew “Ugh, K-Pop.” became a common phrase uttered by friends and family who naturally grew tired of our constant gushing over our favorite artists.

Hence our coined tagline “Just two girls talking about Kpop. Our friends got tired of us so we made a YouTube channel”

As the phrase suggests, we were strongly encouraged to start this venture purely so we could have a dedicated place to share our excitement with others who share the same love and excitement as we do; and when BTS released the absolute banger of a song that is ‘UGH’ the name of our channel was decided. Throughout our YouTube journey of discovering new artists and interacting with fandoms, our meaning of the word “Ugh” has quickly changed from an exclamation of disgust (i.e. Ugh, Kpop 😑) to an exclamation of overwhelming joy (i.e. UGH! We stan! 😍)